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Orchestra North Academy 2023

TA and PD Opportunities


The Orchestra North Summer Program is dedicated to encouraging musical excellence and enthusiasm in northern BC. We invite professional musicians and gifted university students to apply to get involved as performers, collaborators and/or teaching assistants. Professionals and advanced student player  (typically university-level) on any instrument are welcome to apply. 

The Orchestra North Academy Tour (AUG 6,7,8 TBC), provides intensive orchestral and chamber music studies with leadership and teaching opportunities for musicians pursuing, or graduated from post-secondary education.


The Academy Program is for advanced students and young professionals who wish to improve their skills, gain performance and teaching experience, and hone their abilities as performers. 


The Orchestra North Academy provides musicians with an interest in performance and/or education, valuable opportunities to connect with a professional network of northern BC's musicians, and a chance to discover and experience the beauty of northern BC and the many opportunities that the area presents to musicians.

The 2024 Orchestra North Summer Program Academy is open to advanced (university level) and professional musicians: strings are mainly sought after, but we may accept pianists or other instrumentalists. The selected ensemble rehearse and tour with the mentoring faculty.  


-A week of rehearsal and collaboration with professional faculty (see webpage for more information)
-Teaching and leadership development opportunities with players of all levels during ONSP, and possible workshops during the northern BC Academy tour.
-Performance opportunities alongside faculty in chamber ensembles
-Solo recital opportunities in the Spirit of the North Classical Music Festival
-Northern BC concert tour from August 6-8.


This is a competitive program, and successful applicants will be notified within 2 weeks of their application. Applicants who are not offered a spot in the Academy program may be invited to join Orchestra North as TA's, depending on interest, experience, and suitability. Applicants to the Academy Program AND anyone interested being a TA are invited to contact for more information.


In an effort to continue to support artists and their professional practice, we are committed to create a cost-positive situation for our professional artists. The costs of the program and of the residency will be offset by grants. Generous sponsorships have made it possible to additionally offer a modest travel stipend and food allowance to all participant artists.


Full bursaries are offered to anyone accepted as a TAs, and Academy members may receive a stipend.


Academy musicians and TA's will be billeted with local families as needed. Meals and related activities (shopping, cooking, cleaning) will be the responsibility of the individuals in each ensemble.

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