Orchestra North UX FAQ

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Q: What instruments are invited to join Orchestra North UX?

A: Junior-Senior Strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass) and intermediate woodwinds and brass can register for Orchestra North UX  


Q: What is included in my registration?

A: Programming from 10:00-11:30AM EDT each morning, and access to exclusive concerts, and events throughout the day. Access to sheet music and resources during the festival week. Each participant will also receive one (1) 30min private lesson with our faculty.


Q: Do I need to choose which times, days, and programs to attend, or do I just show up and the schedule be created for me?

A: All participants will attend from 10:00-11:30AM EDT from July 12-16 2021,  and be provided a diverse range of activities during this time. 

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Q: How do lessons work?

A: Each participant will receive one (1) 30 minute lesson with our faculty.  You may request teachers on the registration form, and additional lessons can be purchased with your order.  30 minute lessons can be combined to create a one hour lesson. Orchestra North UX reserves the right to assign students to teachers, and assigned teachers may change without notice. 


Q: What about absences?

A: All participants are asked to attend from 10:00-11:30AM EDT from July 12-16.  If you need to miss a part of Orchestra North UX, please let us know, and we will inform the class instructors. 

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Q: What type of equipment will I need?

A: All lessons and workshops will utilize Zoom Video Conferencing. The Zoom software is free to download and can be used on Windows and MacOS operating systems as well as iPhone or Android apps. Laptop or desktop computer with access to decent WiFi or internet services is recommended. For the best online lesson experience, we recommend purchasing an external microphone (this and similar models can be purchased from Amazon or found in-store) and having a pair of headphones handy!


Q: What is the difference between Orchestra North UX and Orchestra North LIVE?

A: Orchestra North UX is an online music festival for musicians across Canada held each morning between 10:00-11:45AM EDT, and features classes, workshops, virtual concerts and more. 


Orchestra North LIVE is a socially distanced series of concerts and events held in downtown Owen Sound from July 12-16, and is not part of the regular Orchestra North UX registration.


Q: Do I need to need to attend both Orchestra North LIVE and UX?

A: No.  you can attend whichever program works for you and your family.  Your location during Orchestra North UX will not affect your experience at the virtual festival, and your registration fees do not include any Orchestra North LIVE events. 

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Q: How  do I learn more about Scholarships, Bursaries, and Financial Aid?

A: Orchestra North UX is committed to making out programs accessible.  You can reach out to us at or fill out our form here