IMG_3750Guidelines for Orchestra Placement
Orchestra North 

Orchestra 1 (beginning group)
For our most beginning ONSP participants, for adults, teens or kids. This group is a great opportunity for those who are playing with a group for the first time, to start note-reading and/or playing by ear (we do both), or get more familiar with your instrument. Usual criteria:

-0-3 years of playing
-Suzuki  book 1, RCM prelim to grade 1
-We find very young children do well in this group (8 or younger), along with adult and teenage beginners.
-Note-reading is not expected of this group

Orchestra 2
For those who have played before in a group. Often people in orchestra 2 have limited orchestral experience, or are adult players with limited technique.
-You should be playing low/high 1, 2 and 3 comfortably
-Some note reading is expected and needed
-Playing 2-5 years
-RCM grades 2-3, Suzuki books 2-3
-Basic understanding beginning vibrato/shifting a plus

Orchestra 3
For students and amateurs who are comfortable in an orchestra.
-Sight reading expected
-Vibrato/shifting (working on it)
-RCM grades 4-7 or Suzuki book 3-6

Orchestra 4 (Symphony Orchestra)
For advanced students, serious amateurs, semi-professionals, university music students and professionals.
-Good sight reading abilities
-Solid orchestral experience
-Generally, RCM grades 8+ (Suzuki 7+). Some exceptions can be made depending on need of various instruments, sight reading ability and prior experience.
Repertoire for our Symphony Orchestra can be found here